Find Your Way Back Home

I see you when I close my eyes but you’re gone in the morning’s light

So will you comfort me, as I fall asleep

In your arms I feel I’m worth so much, now love before seems so untouched

When I’m next to you… now I’m next to you.

So I guess thanks so much for swiping right, you’re all that I want tonight,

My heart’s taken flight, yeah it’s taken flight.

And I don’t care for this storm outside, I just wanna hold you tight,

Will you hold me tight? Will you hold me tight?

And I don’t care if this song it sucks, or even if I’m out of luck,

Cause I’ve got you, yeah I’ve got you.

So don’t stay away for one more day,

Find your way back home.

CORBETT – Find Your Way Back Home