Life, sometimes feels like, a downwards slope, uphill

But know, however she’s feeling, he’ll be waiting for her still

Well he can’t describe it because he’s shit with words, but to him she’ll always be

The one that he’ll always put first

She’s the one that makes him feel complete

He goes to her when he’s feeling defeat

Because he knows that just presence will support him no matter what

Sparks in her eyes, she’s the skip in his step

And she’ll even laugh at his jokes, despite them being shit

Oh there’s no one other like her, his last thought at night and first in the morning

She just makes him smile

But she’s a chamomile, and he’s a redbush

Maybe the two just don’t mix

She’s an elephanatic, and he’s two paws

Cause he’s too poor at making jokes that fix, situations just like this

He loves her insecurities, to make her feel secure again

Because he only ever wanted to be the one that could make her happy again

And though he knows that’s looking unlikely now

There’s nothing more that he can do

But no matter what, he’ll always be

Waiting in the corner… waiting just for you

So what am I really trying to say?

Well it’s that I always loved her

But I was too shy and closed

To have let her known the truth

So I wrote her a song in third person…

And though this will never be a hit

Cause I already know it’s shit!

The reason for my writing it, is so you just know now

That it feels like, those three wise words

Said from me, to you

Are true

CORBETT – Chamomile